Positive Qualities:

o       Courage

o       Inner peace and tranquillity when facing great challenges


Patterns of Imbalance:

o       Deep fear

o       Terror

o       Panic

o       Fear of death or annihilation


Rock Rose flower essence addresses the soul's need for courage, especially in very extreme circumstances. This remedy is indicated for moments when the soul has stepped almost completely outside the body and is in a survival mode of consciousness. The self is forced to address a severe emergency, usually of life-threatening proportions such as violent attack or a traumatic accident. Although Rock Rose is indicated for extreme states, they may be almost exclusively inner states of high drama rather than outer emergencies. This can give the impression that the individual is quite calm when really their inner life is in torment. The remedy can also be used for the purpose of dying, when the ego is gripped by the fear that it will be utterly annihilated or destroyed. Rock Rose restores sun-like forces of courage to the human soul so it can meet these tremendous challenges with self-transcending strength.

Although Rock Rose is used alone, it is most commonly used in the composite formula of five flowers (Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Cherry Plum and Clematis) for maximum benefit.



 My spirit lives.

I have unshakable courage in a crisis.

I am safe.

I am in touch with my power.

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