Positive Qualities

  • Open-mindedness
  • Mental flexibility
  • Being easy on oneself
  • Letting go of compulsions and obsessions
  • ‘Being’ rather than ‘Doing’

Patterns of Imbalance

o       Self-repression

o       Denying the pleasures of life

o       Overly strict and disciplined

o       Obsessed by one particular approach

o       Unaware that personal compulsions dominate one’s life

Rock Water souls are very strict upon themselves, denying many of the pleasures and riches life offers. They work hard yet neglect their play. They wish to be strong and well and will do anything they consider will keep them so. The souls in need of this remedy lack adaptability, spontaneity and inner freedom. They are caught up in rigid mental states, ‘stone monuments’ of high ideals, moral guidelines and perfectionist in health. They often feel overwhelmed by the high ideals they have set themselves. These people quietly hope to influence others by their own high standards. They hold dogmatic opinions and can become self-righteous. They fail to realise that no one is perfect and give themselves, as well as others, a hard time when these unrealistic ideals are not met. They suppress the needs and affairs of this world to live in a self-created prison they consider to be heaven. They constantly deny themselves the pleasures of life, have a “Hair Shirt” mentality and fail to realise just how hard they are being on themselves. Physical complaints will manifest as some form of rigidity or stiffness in the body.


  • I flow with my own natural rhythm
  • I am adaptable and flexible
  • I always stay relaxed
  • I enjoy the pleasures of life

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