Positive Qualities:

o       Decisiveness

o       Inner resolve

o       Acting from the certainty of inner knowing


Patterns of Imbalance:

o       Hesitation

o       Indecision

o       Confusion

o       Wavering between two choices


The experience of living on Earth is one of duality; the soul must constantly learn to establish its own inner balance through the tension of polarity. The individual who needs Scleranthus finds this level of inner activity to be very painful and challenging. Subconsciously, such a person longs for wholeness as a given external condition of life, not realizing that a far greater wholeness is achieved through the ability to choose and define who one is. Such individuals are by nature introverted and would prefer a quiet existence, but because of the need in their souls to evolve, they are often caught in one turmoil-creating incident or another. They tend to vacillate when making choices, and can postpone major life-directing decisions for years. This extreme uncertainty drains the soul of much vitality and energy, and can permeate even into the physical body with numerous illnesses and a continual shifting of physical states and symptoms. Scleranthus flower essence helps such souls toward greater decisiveness and clarity of purpose. This enables the self to make choices, not only at the obvious symptomatic level, but at a deeper level, where the soul learns to choose greater involvement in its experience of earthly life.


Scleranthus is like a grasshopper after being disturbed making aimless high leaps hither and thither. Any outside impulse is likely to get a reaction one way, then the other. The soul is searching for the middle point of the balance, rather than the extremes where movements are so much more exaggerated. Scelanthus types will not find it easy to come for treatment as they will be constantly changing their minds.



 I know what is right for me.

I think clearly and decide easily.

I act on my decisions confidently.

I am clear and consistent.

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