Positive Qualities:

o       Able to share one's gifts with others

o       Appreciative of social relationships


Patterns of Imbalance:

o       Aloof

o       Withdrawn

o       Disdainful of social relationships


The Water Violet personality is generally very quiet and self contained, with soul qualities of gracefulness and equanimity. Their sedate, calm manner enables them to handle many different occupational and life situations in a very capable manner. However, it is difficult to know such persons well, or to feel a warm and personable connection with them. Such persons often appear distant or aloof; more extreme types seem proud, haughty, or arrogant. They may become involved in community affairs, but only in accordance with their professional standing. Many such souls have chosen to be born into families of wealth and social standing, and they are well-educated and well-bred. But even amongst Water Violet types without this obvious upper class background, one feels a quality setting such persons apart as the soul conducts itself with great dignity and refinement. It as no need to draw attention to itself, but neither does it seem o have much need to give of itself to others. Many such souls re in fact highly evolved, or they may be strongly influenced by he subconscious memory of a prominent past lie. Such individuals are blocked in their further evolution until they realise that the self can evolve only so far as a separate identity. The true spiritual self must expand to include all of humanity. Water Violet helps such souls make a transition to a more inclusive state of consciousness, one that helps them experience a compassionate and joyful connection to the human family.


Water Violets are much appreciated as superiors because they work conscientiously and have a calming effect on others. They are almost always on top of things. They use tact and gentle diplomacy to get things done. They will not fight with others but inwardly withdraw from the relationship by placing themselves in the Ivory Tower.




I enjoy being with others.

I open myself to giving and receiving.

I have warm, close loving relationships.

I express my love for others.

I share my thoughts, visions and my dreams.

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