Positive qualities

  • Ability to determine own path in life
  • Having specific ambitions and knowing how to fulfil them
  • Allowing nothing to interfere with our sense of purpose
  • Creating the opportunities that are needed
  • Making a commitment and attracting all sorts of help to do it
  • Having a purposeful and meaningful life

Patterns of Imbalance

  • Difficulty in knowing what to do with our life
  • Unfulfilled ambitions and talents
  • Dissatisfaction and boredom with what we are doing
  • Having the feeling life is passing us by
  • Unsure about our career

The soul in need of Wild Oat does not know his/her vocation and purpose in life. They are dissatisfied in their heart of hearts. Such souls usually have many gifts and really need to make no special effort or training for them to shine. However, they are at a loss as to where to channel their energies. For many, they put their efforts into areas that do not bring a sense of completion or satisfaction and therefore the soul feels disharmonious. They do not want to be one of the herd yet know not specifically where to direct their efforts. For these souls life is a wonderful array of opportunities that are passing them by. Wild Oat personalities are always on the look-out and never reaching their goals. They are always sowing their proverbial wild oats and squandering their energies in all directions, rather than accepting the guidance of their Higher Self and going for a single goal. These souls need to grow calmer, clearer and more certain in heart and mind. Little by little they need to become more certain of what they really want from their vocation and life’s path.


  • I have a strong sense of purpose
  • I have definite ambitions to fulfil
  • I know my life’s direction

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