5 Element Flower Essence Booklet

£ 3.00 each Weight: 20 g

    A 12 page booklet giving the 5 Element typical imbalances and many correspondences

    Instructions on how to connect with the meridians in order to dowse which essences to use

    Diagrams of the hands showing points where all meridians can be accessed

    Further uses of the essences beyond their stimulation of the meridian pairs

    Instructions on how to administer the essences

    5 Element theory, including the Creation and Control Cycles

These essences can be used in conjunction with the Chakra Flower Essences and the Auric Body Flower Essences. The chakras can be considered as the latitudes of the subtle anatomy and the meridians as the longitudes. The Auric Body Essences give depth and dimension to the longitudes and latitudes. Using either two or three of the sets together should improve results as a more complete diagnosis and treatment of the subtle anatomy will occur.

The interaction of the Five Elements brings harmony and everything is in order. At the end of one year the sun has completed its course and everything starts anew with the first season, which is in the beginning of spring. This system is comparable to a ring which has neither beginning or end.

From the Nei Ching.

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