5 Elements Box Set

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Five Element Flower Essences

supporting the flow of life force through the meridians


 The Five Element Flower Essences assist in the flow of energy through the network of energetic channels called meridians. The meridians provide the energy for the entire body/mind system so the correct level and quality of life force or ki in the meridians is a vital ingredient in the maintenance of health. The traditional methods of harmonising the flow of ki through the meridians are through their stimulation at the soft tissue level within the body. However, they also flow much deeper, linking organs and energy centres, as well as beyond the physical body, in the etheric layer of the aura. Ki flows through the meridians rather like water in a river: it may flow fast or slow, become blocked and stagnant, flow too forcefully or with too little pressure. The incorrect flow of ki through the meridians gives rise to some form of imbalance manifesting within the body. The meridians act in pairs and these pairings are related to one of the five Chinese elements.

The following list shows which flower remedies have been aligned with the meridian pairs:


Liver-Gall Bladder Meridians



Heart-Small Intestines and

Triple Heater-Heart Protector Meridians



Stomach - Spleen (Pancreas) Meridians 



Lung-Large Intestines Meridians



Kidney - Bladder Meridians


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