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Past Life Healing


Moon Flowers

Karmic Healing under Moonlight

The soul can carry many past life wounds through into the present incarnation. From a deep level within our being these karmic wounds influence and shape our life in profound ways. Part of the soul's purpose is to heal past life trauma

Moon flowers are a set of flower remedies for past life healing, made by a process called lunarisation: freshly picked flowers are floated in a glass bowl of water and left under the Moon for a few hours. Making flower remedies under the Moon, instead of the Sun, allows a different facet of the flower`s healing to emerge. Potentising the flowers by moon-light enables us to use flowers to heal the wounding that has occurred in past lives. Moon flowers will also heal the wounds that have occurred in the past of this incarnation and held in the deep memory. These are frequently karmic wounds from past lives emerging again to be healed.

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