There are two different ways of choosing your own Moon Flowers. 

Through Dowsing

This is in my opinion, since I dowse, the easier of the two.  You only have to be able to determine a simple yes and no in order to ascertain whether or not each Moon Flower resonates with your karmic history.  Muscle testing, as used in kinesiology, is just as good.  If you don’t dowse then we at Aquarius are more than happy to do this for you, just give let us know, there’s no charge.

Through Resonance

Flower remedies connect with people in many different ways and the Moon Flowers are no different.  Firstly you will need to connect with all of the Moon Flowers by reading each name and looking at each photo in the shop section of the website.  For some folk this scanning method will create a connection with a particular flower remedy or remedies – it just feels right.  This instinctive or gut response may be very small or subtle in nature.  Don’t disregard it though as Moon Flowers stir up memories held at deep levels that could be likened to the sounding of a distant bell, no matter how quiet.  It is worth doing this exercise twice, with a cap of at least an hour, noting on both occasions any flowers that stand out.

The next layer of exploration is to read the short descriptions of the Moon Flowers.  If you have managed to create a list of remedies that have stood out from the initial scan concentrate on this and note if any from this list penetrate deeper within.  If you did not manage to resonate with any of the remedies from the initial scan, then scan each of the short descriptions noting any that jumps out at you off the page.  It is these little flickers of recognition that you need to note down. 

Ideally you want to refine your list down to three or thereabouts.  These are the remedies to work with.  If you are unable to resonate in this way with the Moon Flowers or become unsure or confused during the process, then please feel free to get in touch and we can help you determine the best remedies to use.

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