Thoughts upon a Snowdrop
February 2015


This year the first half of February has been very dry, in stark contrast to the flooding that wrecked so much damage and misery last year.  Cold winds and clear skies gave me the perfect opportunity to replenish my Snowdrop flower remedy.  Snowdrop was the first of the Moon Flowers I made, some twenty plus years ago and I had been noticing the mother tincture was looking a bit tired, so under an Imbolc (early February) Full Moon I picked some of these iconic flowers, the first promise of spring to come, and floated them in a glass bowl of water.  When I returned, some three hours later, the water was frozen, so I took it home and let in defrost in my shed over night before bottling with brandy to preserve the tincture.

It seemed a perfect opportunity to revisit the work I had done all those years ago on this flower remedy so I went to the website to read the full description of Lunar Snowdrop.

Read Full Description of Lunar Snowdrop Here

Pluto was rising in Virgo at the time of my birth which means I have well-honed highly charged critical faculties and I went into the description all guns blazing, looking to find its imperfections.  I came out of it shocked, not quite believing that I had written what I had just read.  It was really good!  Myself twenty one years younger had shocked myself twenty one years senior in the best way possible.

Here are a few quotes from the full description of Lunar Snowdrop.

“Any negative karma resulting from actions carried out to fulfil a role in society can also be treated with Snowdrop. The most vicious, inhuman deeds perpetrated can be cleansed by this flower essence....”

Lunar Snowdrop is concerned with individuals personal negative karma, carried through from a previous lives, created by pressure within a cultural or political system.  Society can so easily force or coerce actions.   A most obvious example of this is the souls who in their previous lives were actively involved in the Nazi regime when they were committing their atrocities.  Some former Nazis have already incarnated and a percentage of these souls will be carrying their wounds created by their actions in their former lives.  These soul wounds will be subconsciously informing their present incarnations in many varied ways.  Some will be very anxious individuals, others will experience very powerful feelings of guilt for little or no reason at all, whilst others will struggle with darkness and depression.  Only the older souls amongst them, those souls who have reached a sufficient level of spiritual evolution will be able to remember their former lives and address the wounds.  

“Give Snowdrop when the soul has been alienated from society, spurned or rejected in some fashion. Snowdrop treats any form of abuse metered out by the society.”

Like the vast majority of flower remedies, the healing that issues from Snowdrop works from both sides.  Those souls who were the victims of the Nazi policies, such as Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and the mentality and physically disabled, who have reincarnated still bearing on their souls the wounds inflicted by the German State, may also benefit from the use of Lunar Snowdrop flower remedy.  Souls who are still carrying such wounds may well be highly sensitive to even the slightest form of criticism or persecution within their society, be overly anxious and fearful for no apparent reason, carry an enormous grudge, or perhaps carry a deep sense of sorrow throughout their present life.

Of course this is merely one recent example of our collective ability to behave so inhumanely; recorded and unrecorded history is littered with thousands upon thousands of similar scenarios.  The chances are high that each one of us in a previous life has been Snowdrop traumatised, either as victim or perpetrator.  I certainly sense that in former lives I have have been on the receiving end of some vicious actions metered out by the governing powers within society and can point to certain of my present life less than mature, considered or wise reactions as 'karmic kick-backs' to these former times.

“The sense of self may well have been lost or distorted in a previous incarnation whilst functioning within the bounds of social convention.  Snowdrop helps to deal with the imbalances in the present incarnation which are a result of the self being denied in previous lives.”

One of the analogies I use to connect folk with the correct Moon Flower to use is that of a bell ringing deep inside.  If, on reading the description of a particular Moon Flower, a deep note can be sensed within, the remedy will most likely be of benefit.  If the description of the flower essence is reaching the right spot, striking the right chord, so will the remedy itself.  When I examined the first of these two sentences of the above quote, that bell was ringing within me.  Not because of a connection with one of my past lives but with a strong sense I have about the present society I am living within.  

If we are developing as a society and that development is akin to a boat sailing on the sea, I do not think that collectively we are travelling in the right direction.   And at the heart of that wrong direction we are sailing in is the increasing amount of distortion the self has to endure in order to remain a respected, valued and legal member of society.  The boxes we are expected to fit in are becoming ever tighter and more regulated.  

I am very fortunate to be able to live a life, for the best part, unregulated, unchecked and unbound by the increasing level of social and institutional conventions that abound these days, but others are not so lucky.  Having teenage kids I notice the distortion of the self most noticeably within the education system.  Here I see teachers, who are having their arms twisted up their backs by their superiors, having to behave towards their students in ways they do not agree with.  I personally know of a handful of experienced teachers who have left their profession because they were no longer prepared to distort themselves any further.  Good on them.  And of course this growing level of control and conformity is evident is all our institutions, national and European.

The karma that Snowdrop addresses is not just limited to our past lives, it is being created now.   As we inch closer to 'A World on Fire' our Good Shepherds want to herd us into the pens for our own safety and their increased scrutiny and control.   I for one am not for being herded and I would encourage all who read this to remain true and confident to your own inner wisdom, compassion and knowledge and not be swayed by the arguments of the fearful, hysterical and unwise.

As I mentioned above the healing that issues from Lunar Snowdrop is for both the victim and perpetrator; the remedy transcends the dualistic level of consciousness to reach a state of oneness.   How relevant, therefore, seems Snowdrop for the present time in a society that seems to be intent on manipulating us into viewing world events through a simple black and white lens, the good guys against the bad guys, the righteous killing of the unrighteous.  The more we see and are encouraged to see the evil of our supposed enemies the more unbalanced our society is becoming.  

A good dose of Snowdrop for politicians and more importantly for our good selves when we feel too acutely the polarisation of society and forget that we are all living together on one planet, one world.

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