A recent correspondence with a woman prompted me to write this following article about the use of the Moon Flowers for past life healing.

She had initially wrote to me asking if I could recommend any flower remedies for the confusion she felt over her sexual orientation. I replied with the description of Lunar Wild Strawberry.

Wild strawberry is the remedy to treat a wide range of karmic conditions arising out of sexual disorientation or confusion. For example, certain souls in former lives reached the conclusion they incarnated into the wrong gender as a result of the profound degree of stress they experienced through male or female sexuality. Being trapped in the wrong body with the wrong feelings can only be healed fully when the right body is found. Other souls have in previous lives been deeply wounded by their sexual orientation, practicing homosexuality when really heterosexual, or vise-versa. Some souls have been unsure of, or unable to accept, their sexual orientation and suffered accordingly.

Another karmic condition that would respond to wild strawberry is, when through social and religious conditioning, souls have been unable to express their true sexual orientation or lived under the belief that their sexual feelings were somehow unhealthy, perverted or even evil. The nature of the sexual disorientation and confusion associated with wild strawberry may have resulted in lack of freedom for sexual expression in past lives, leading to sexual and emotional repression.

 She wrote again giving much more detail about her childhood and how, through the sexual dysfunctions of her parents she ended up being confused by her own sexuality. She wondered how the problems of this life had anything to do with what may or may not have happened in previous lives.   ‘I don't know about the past, it seems strange and not necessarily. For me all this seems to be a problem in this life, not with the past.’

So I wrote back explaining that when a deep wounding occurs in a previous life and scars the eternal part of our being, the soul, it very often manifests in subsequent lives during childhood; in her case within the family life. This repeated karmic pattern will go back over a whole series of incarnations and is not carried just by the individual soul but the souls of all the family members involved.

What happens with this type of long term karmic energy is that it is played out in different ways by the family of souls during different incarnations. So in this life time she was the child and the victim yet in a previous life would have been the parent and the perpetrator. Before that she would have been the child and before that the parent and back it all goes in time with the souls all hurting each other over a whole series of incarnations.

So if we look beyond the confines of one life we can begin to see that there are actually no victims and no perpetrators, only souls enmeshed in a particular drama that is being played out in repeated incarnations. The reason the drama is being played out is for the spiritual evolution of all the souls involved. Through the pain these dramas create in each incarnation the souls grow and develop. They are of course drawn to incarnate within the same family group over several incarnations through the bond of love.

Her soul has reached a point in its spiritual development where it no longer wishes to participate in this ‘soul lesson’, it is no longer serving its highest purpose. Her personality perceives this as a desire to heal the sexual wound that has been carried for many incarnations. This is where the lunar wild strawberry comes in.

To me this seems very reasonable but for many, this woman included, there is a mental barrier preventing the Moon Flowers working. The doctrines laid down by
the early Christian Church 1,600 years ago prohibiting and repressing belief in previous lives have had a profound influence upon the western psyche. What was widely accepted in our culture prior to the arrival of Christianity has been brutally drummed out through torture and execution of heretics. Unlike in many cultures not influenced by Christianity, we do not live our lives with the belief that we shall return to continue this journey in the future.

Our own life, our own experiences, our own growth, our own healing is just the tip of an iceberg; there is so much underneath we do not see. Some consider the Moon Flowers to be subtle in their influences because they are dealing with the past. I do not, I see them as having the potential to reshape the very foundations upon which our life is built and lived.

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