mistletoe flower remedy

I always say to those who use our Moon Flower remedies for past life healing, 'Watch your dreams'.  This woman did when she took Lunar Mistletoe.

LUNAR MISTLETOE is for those souls who have, in a previous life, been unwise enough to become involved in the misuse of religious, magical or mystical rituals. Such souls have a dysfunctional relationship with the spirit world in their present incarnation and can feel guilty or tainted for no apparent reason.
I am having dreams connected to the lunar mistletoe you dowsed for me, so that remedy is working too. These are amazing!  Thank you for your work!
I asked her about her dreams.

Before sharing my dreams, I feel it is important to provide a context for how this remedy ended up fitting me in the first place. In my younger years, I was very drawn to the magic and mystery of the world and since it wasn't a topic most people I knew at the time could have a conversation around, I found myself in some darker and even sometimes occult experiences in this realm. After a few scary experiences and drawing the wrong sort of person to myself,  I exited my teenage years into young adulthood and left much of that life behind. I kept my interest and even intuitive abilities under the surface and discussed them with no one.

In my young adulthood, I went to see a counselor who is also very psychic. We explored some things that had gone on in my life at that time and something her psychic abilities told her was that in other lifetimes, I had spent time trying to control the natural elements of the world and it took my life. It really resonated with me and fit with the context of other things going on in my life.

I've been taking the remedy a few times, and last night I had a very intense dream.  In the dream there was a witch who was trying to help me but I can't remember exactly with what. She had saved a piece of my brain from a long time ago that I didn't know was taken from me and needed me to hold this piece of brain with a mixture of other things and put energy into it so it would transform into what it was supposed to be. It's unclear and I can't remember the exact details but I had some crushed emeralds from my wedding ring which I squeezed onto it and then focused intention of Reiki and light into this mixture to try to transform it to whatever it was meant to be. At first I couldn't but I told myself I have the power to do anything I put my mind to and suddenly it was glowing with light but emerald green light. We took it and froze it to preserve it, and then buried it beneath plants to keep it safe.   I have no idea what the dream means, but I don't dream things like this ever and it seems very connected to the remedy and the experiences that I've had previously in my lifetime.

I wrote back.
Thanks for your amazing feedback.  And what a dream!  I think it is very difficult for us to analyse our own dreams - we are too close, far too close to be intellectually objective because we are so deeply involved with the emotions of the dream.  The symbols in your dream are archetypal and very powerful.  Who is the witch?  This is what I want to know.  Was she kind or cruel?  Is witch a wise woman or something more complicated? What did she look like?  What impression did she leave on you?

Dear Simon,
Thank you for your time and helping me work through understanding this! She was wise, very old, and seemed nuetral to good. I didn't know her but she knew me, as if from long ago. She was there to help me, but I never understood all of the pieces or why.  The power that surged from me combined with the crushed emerald seemed good, but was mysterious to me. I knew she was connecting me with an energy I had but had forgotten, it seemed good but I had to keep it a little Hidden I felt. I also felt she was protecting me or giving me something back.

Also, the emerald from my wedding ring in my dream is one I do wear and that stone is my husband's birth stone. I don't know which parts of my life are connected to my dream, but some of the negative energy around my life that I wish to transcend is showing up in my marriage and has been through the duration. I am embarking on a journey to figure out what I have to let go, and trying to figure out how to let go of it, and not sure if the letting go will show up as improving or ending my marriage.  In addition, all tarot card readings I have done show me at the end of a cycle in my life and ultimately happy with family. I'm just not sure what that will look like yet.  Scleranthus is also one of the remedies I am taking in my mixture bottle.
The night I had that dream, I also had a dream about my father who passed away a year and a half ago. The next day, yesterday, I dreamt of one of my dear friends that passed away about nine years ago. Nothing significant presented itself and those dreams, but I felt like they were visiting me to let me know they're supporting me.

I'm interested in any impressions you have. Thank you for your interest, inquiry and time!

The soul speaks through dreams and your soul has spoken very clearly.  
‘a piece of my brain from a long time ago that I didn't know was taken from me’
Something taken away in a previous life.  A piece of your brain. Something in your head.  Ideas, thoughts, beliefs...Perhaps more sinister and in the realms of magic is something akin to self identity, self belief...something held deep in the head.  You mention Scleranthus which works in the mental realms.  I would also mention Nasturtium for the brow chakra or more specifically Morning Glory for the guru chakra.  Both will help foster mental clarity.  And don’t forget that at karmic times our ancestors draw close with love and support.  It is within relationships that we find the perfect mirror.  Emerald Green is obviously the colour you need to work with.  It comes from your ring, your husband's love for you.  Work with it.  The karmic Lunar Mistletoe wounding  is very deep in the soul.  You only have to look in the mirror of your relationship to see where is hurts.

Thank you again for this very big help! I know these are some very big keys to some big healing I am embarking on.   

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