Peach Flower Essence / Remedy Prunus persica

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


Peach flower essence is indicated when an individual's ideal and the real worlds are poles apart. Use this essence for illusory or psychic ailments. furthermore peach can be useful for those who use drugs to escape the reality of this life or where there is a lack of interest in the physical world and displays of otherworldliness.

Peach has a powerful effect on the etheric level of our aura, strengthening the etheric template

The powerful effect of peach on the etheric template means that this essence is very useful to help bring the healing that occurs on the higher levels of the aura into the physical body. A good example of this is our use of peach flower essence in our "Flexibility"flower essence combination.

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Peach flower essence is also available as a flower oil.

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