Rocket Flower Essence / Remedy Diplotaxis erucoides

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


Rocket flower essence for those who have a strong and unhealthy dislike of discipline. They may well lack sufficient self-discipline. Rocket is also useful when aims and objectives are vague and all that seems to be achieved is a constant moving around in circles.

Folk in need of Rocket flower essence tend to be overly idealistic and harbour unrealistic ambitions. Consequently there is lack of success in the lives of these people and frustration through under-achieving. Often they feel like the Black Sheep, or feel excluded from society.

Rocket is the remedy to use in combination with other remedies when you are wanting to treat on the physical level as it gives the life force greater access to the etheric template. for examples of this, see the description of our "Flexibility" and "Uplift" flower essence combinations.

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Rocket flower essence is also available as a flower oil.

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