Dear Simon,

I really like your essences.  They seem to work when the regular flower essences are stuck.  They do seem to move the stuff in the back of my head around so that the stuff in the front works better.  Kind of like remodeling for my brain and thoughts. 

If you want, sometime I will try to write a more detailed list of what they do for me for each essence sometime.  For now I will let you know about my favorites.

Lunar Feverfew-  Wonderful essence, makes me feel so loved and safe  Is almost unreal.

Lunar Bellheather- Really nice, helps me to actually notice and care about other peoples feelings.

Moon Fire-  Probably my favorite.  Have had schizophrenia for over 10 years along with urges to be violent especially toward the people I like the most.  (Wierd huh?)  Never acted on them -would hate to hurt another person or animal.  Moonfire is the only thing that seems to make a significant difference when these urges act up.  Who would have thought a lunar flower essence helps this awful symptom that the doctors say they can't help me with?  I am so glad that I didn't follow the advice of the people who tell me that flower essences are witchcraft, and therefore against the Lord.  On the contrary, I think that God may have made them to save us from ourselves.

Simon, I would like to know if you use a tuning fork when you make your flower essences.  I often hear something tuning the back of my brain gently when I use these essences.  It is so subtle and comforting.  I've also had some dreams I can tell you about if you are interested.  Thank so much for your work.  You may have saved a person from those wicked urges I was getting before Moonfire. 

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