The moon cloud is really helping me it's shifted my perception of money and I am much more relaxed with money and realise that abundance is our true birthright.  It's helped me to start dissolving the patterns of lack that I had .The moon cloud is really helping me it's shifted my perception of money and I am much more relaxed with money and realise that abundance is our true birthright.  It's helped me to start dissolving the patterns of lack that I had .All the best J

I was interested to hear that you thought I sounded different – after using all these essences, I think I’m changing gradually on a subtle level though I hope it might break through to become a more obvious transformation next year.

I worked very intensively with your Moon and Lunar Flower essences for some time but have not used them for a while now so I hope those aspects of the past have healed at some level. The essences are very special in the way that they bring back past life memory. I am working more now with your other essences and hope that they will help me really move forward.

Love, A.

Hi Simon:
My boyfriend just received two more lunar buttercups in the post yesterday from you, and with it, you had included a note that asked for feedback if he had any.  As you might remember, I also ordered two lunar buttercups in the past month or so from you.  We have both been taking it, each time you have sent it and I wanted to give you some feedback, as you asked for it.
First of all, M is newer to flower essences than I am.  We have been together for a year and only recently did he start taking them with me (although I would have recommended it a lot sooner :)).  For whatever reason, he especially likes your lunar essence.  I am not sure why.  I think even moments after the first time he took some, he said, "Oh, I like this."
And the other day he said, "I hope those essences get here soon."  And I said, "me too.  I need them."  He said, "I just like them."
Again, I am not sure why.  I suppose they make him feel good, but he hasn't revealed anything specific. 
As for me, I love your explanation of the essence on your site.  Of course, I want to transmute my karma.  I think that's wonderful and also I resonate with the lumeria references, although I am not sure why.  Mike does too.
I am a student of astrology, and I noticed that you are an astrologer. 
Mike has his saturn in the 12th house, square his midheaven.  I have saturn in my first house, square my midheaven and south node.  We're both older and have struggled for years, with jobs/careers/making a living/making families.  I think we would both like release from this struggle and some attainment, security and peace.  I also have my moon in the 12th house.  For whatever reason, I think our 12th house planets store (activate?) a lot of the karma we are experiencing.
I wish I had something more specific to share with you.  And, maybe months down the road with hindsight, I/we will. 
Mostly, I just think your lunar essences are really fun.  And we are both very much drawn to taking it.  Thank you!

Hi Simon

We got our butts kicked with that other stuff (lunar buttercup).  My boyfriend and I were both taking it, our lives (in a metaphysical sense) exploded around us early this summer.  We broke up.  When I was giving him back some paperwork of his, I included the last lunar buttercup I had of his (in our last order we ordered 2 - 1 for him, 1 for me).  And I finished off the one I had for me.  Our break up was hard, and dredged up a lot of surprisingly intense emotion.  Time wore on.  And we got back together two months later.  He was still taking a few drops of the lunar buttercup every morning and had been all summer.  I had finished mine soon after the breakup, taking it all day long for a couple weeks.  I truly don't know what happened in more ways the one. But I think of that lunar buttercup now with great respect and I have no desire for it, at the moment.  It rocked my socks...

Anyhow, on to the rose...:)

thanks for everything,

Dear Simon,

I really like your essences.  They seem to work when the regular flower essences are stuck.  They do seem to move the stuff in the back of my head around so that the stuff in the front works better.  Kind of like remodeling for my brain and thoughts. 

If you want, sometime I will try to write a more detailed list of what they do for me for each essence sometime.  For now I will let you know about my favorites.

Lunar Feverfew-  Wonderful essence, makes me feel so loved and safe  Is almost unreal.

Lunar Bellheather- Really nice, helps me to actually notice and care about other peoples feelings.

Moon Fire-  Probably my favorite.  Have had schizophrenia for over 10 years along with urges to be violent especially toward the people I like the most.  (Wierd huh?)  Never acted on them -would hate to hurt another person or animal.  Moonfire is the only thing that seems to make a significant difference when these urges act up.  Who would have thought a lunar flower essence helps this awful symptom that the doctors say they can't help me with?  I am so glad that I didn't follow the advice of the people who tell me that flower essences are witchcraft, and therefore against the Lord.  On the contrary, I think that God may have made them to save us from ourselves.

Simon, I would like to know if you use a tuning fork when you make your flower essences.  I often hear something tuning the back of my brain gently when I use these essences.  It is so subtle and comforting.  I've also had some dreams I can tell you about if you are interested.  Thank so much for your work.  You may have saved a person from those wicked urges I was getting before Moonfire.