Just wanted to give you some feedback on one of your remedies. I bought 5 of the lunar remedies around 2 years ago and never took them, they just sat in my cupboard. I have been working on clearing present and past life abuse energies,especially from my head where I believe some locked in energy is the cause of eplilepsy. Over the years as I have done this I have come off of all medication and havent had a fit for 30 years. However, still have migraines and other head issues. Im a healer myself and have been aware that there is still residual past life trauma present... which is why I bought the remedies a few years ago.

When I found them it felt right to take one, which was the lunar snowdrop. The physical reaction was amazing and immediate. All of the old symptoms re-emerged to the point where I had to lessen the dose. When I stopped I definitely became aware that a shift had taken place. I will take the others as and when it feels appropriate.. have to be a little careful because of the epilepsy. The point of writing is to tell you how powerful your lunar essences are. Amazing! When I have the money I may order a boxed set as I would love to use them on clients. Also interested in your Karmic Healing Workshop in May. Can I pay deposit and the rest on arrival?

Thanks for your wonderful remedies!

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