Hi Simon:
My boyfriend just received two more lunar buttercups in the post yesterday from you, and with it, you had included a note that asked for feedback if he had any.  As you might remember, I also ordered two lunar buttercups in the past month or so from you.  We have both been taking it, each time you have sent it and I wanted to give you some feedback, as you asked for it.
First of all, M is newer to flower essences than I am.  We have been together for a year and only recently did he start taking them with me (although I would have recommended it a lot sooner :)).  For whatever reason, he especially likes your lunar essence.  I am not sure why.  I think even moments after the first time he took some, he said, "Oh, I like this."
And the other day he said, "I hope those essences get here soon."  And I said, "me too.  I need them."  He said, "I just like them."
Again, I am not sure why.  I suppose they make him feel good, but he hasn't revealed anything specific. 
As for me, I love your explanation of the essence on your site.  Of course, I want to transmute my karma.  I think that's wonderful and also I resonate with the lumeria references, although I am not sure why.  Mike does too.
I am a student of astrology, and I noticed that you are an astrologer. 
Mike has his saturn in the 12th house, square his midheaven.  I have saturn in my first house, square my midheaven and south node.  We're both older and have struggled for years, with jobs/careers/making a living/making families.  I think we would both like release from this struggle and some attainment, security and peace.  I also have my moon in the 12th house.  For whatever reason, I think our 12th house planets store (activate?) a lot of the karma we are experiencing.
I wish I had something more specific to share with you.  And, maybe months down the road with hindsight, I/we will. 
Mostly, I just think your lunar essences are really fun.  And we are both very much drawn to taking it.  Thank you!

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