Hi Simon

We got our butts kicked with that other stuff (lunar buttercup).  My boyfriend and I were both taking it, our lives (in a metaphysical sense) exploded around us early this summer.  We broke up.  When I was giving him back some paperwork of his, I included the last lunar buttercup I had of his (in our last order we ordered 2 - 1 for him, 1 for me).  And I finished off the one I had for me.  Our break up was hard, and dredged up a lot of surprisingly intense emotion.  Time wore on.  And we got back together two months later.  He was still taking a few drops of the lunar buttercup every morning and had been all summer.  I had finished mine soon after the breakup, taking it all day long for a couple weeks.  I truly don't know what happened in more ways the one. But I think of that lunar buttercup now with great respect and I have no desire for it, at the moment.  It rocked my socks...

Anyhow, on to the rose...:)

thanks for everything,

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