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100 ml. Size

Simply Spray above Head to feel closer to the angels.

Contains crystal water, Bulgarian rose water (rosa damascena) vodka to fix and the channelled presence of angels. 

Phillippa writes:

I first started making Angel Essences in 2002. I worked as a healer and also went around the country running workshops to help participants connect with Angels.

I felt guided to make an Angel essence that would aid participants on the workshops to open their hearts and connect with angels.

The Angel Essence was made from water gathered at Ladywell – a healing site in Northumberland. A crystal was placed in the water and I meditated with the Angels, holding the energy as they channelled through me to make the essence.

This essence brings clarity, opens the heart and calms the emotional body. It helps one to be totally present and more able to enter into that realm where it is easier to communicate with the Angels.

Angel Essence makes your energy field receptive to the presence of angels.

  • Makes you more aware of angels
  • Allows you to remember how close angels are
  • Helps you see life as an angel does
  • Opens you to the beautiful serenity and power of angels
  • Soothing and comforting
  • Enfolds you in love

Angel Essence shifts your consciousness to a higher level

  • Helping you to see things more clearly
  • Giving you a higher perspective on life
  • Useful for times of intransigence
  • When you are stuck in a hole
  • Can’t find the way forward
  • Unable to find a solution to a problem

Opens the higher charkas, brow and heart.

Simply Spray above head.

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