Astrological Guidance

£ 70.00 each

 from Simon France

Astrology is part of the body of knowledge referred to as the Ancient Wisdom.  In the Guidance readings the positions of the planets at the current time are compared with the positions they held at the time of your birth.  This shows what universal forces are currently affecting you, their nature and purpose for your spiritual development, how you respond and deal with them and how long the forces will be affecting you.  An understanding of the current planetary movements through the solar system in relationship to their birth positions shows both the timing and the nature of the cosmic tide within your own life, its ebb and flow.  With a knowledge of the nature and timing of the current celestial events you will be better able to deal with the challenges they present and plan better for the future.

Astrology offers a higher perspective on life. It’s another set of eyes on the subject, these ones looking down from above, not emotionally caught up in the situation and therefore much more objective.

Guidance Readings are appropriate when:

  • in crisis
  • important decisions in life have to be made
  • you want to know why things have happened in your life
  • the journey through life leads you to the cross roads - astrology illuminates the sign posts
  • life seems to place you on a knife's edge
  • you want the pieces of life's jigsaw to fit better together
  • all is dark with no light at the end of the tunnel


Date, time (if known) and place of birth are needed to calulate your horoscope.

If you wish to write anything about yourself to explain your current situation and ask any questions you are seeking answers to, please send a covering email with your order.

The reading will be emailed to you with a copy of your horoscope.

If you would prefer a hard copy, please let me know and the reading can be sent through the post instead.

The reading will be approximately 2,000 words in length.



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