Daffodil flower essence / remedy Narcissus pseudonarcissus

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


Daffodil can be used to gain a greater degree of contact with spirit guides or other non-physical beings whose consciousness is reached through the crown. It is an excellent remedy to use when a higher perspective is required for it extends the consciousness through the mental into the spiritual bodies. Its connection with the crown gives daffodil the ability to make us more sensitive to intuitive work. Any form of self-condemnation affects the crown chakra, so daffodil is a remedy that dispels negative attitudes about the self. There is great joy about the angel of daffodil, reflected in the vibrant yellow of the flower, and this quality is transmitted through the essence.

Daffodil reduces blood pressure and stress, alleviates ulcerous conditions, strengthens the thymus, relieves extreme frustration and low intellectual capacities and is excellent is the treatment of manic depression and psycho-spiritual imbalances.

This flower essence is used to stimulate the Crown Chakra.  Refer to Chakra Flower Essences for full details.

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