Elder Flower Remedy / Essence Sambucus nigra

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Elder Flower Remedy / Essence

Elderflower impacts very strongly within the etheric body which has the effect of linking the physical and emotional bodies closer. The strong emotional/physical link created by elderflower makes it a very useful essence to use alongside healing modalities that link the emotions to the physical body. 

At the core of this essence is the quality of rejuvenation, reinvigoration and renewal.  This quality can extend down and influence the cellular level of the physical body and also extend upwards into the emotional body where it manifests as joy and intoxication.   Elderflower uplifts, rekindles and revitalises.

The power and majesty of the Elder Tree means that the essence doesn’t just work with the upward thrust of the cycle into joy but also with the downward curve into sadness.  Elder flower essence is a very good remedy to turn to at the beginning of the descent into darkness and use regularly until the light returns.  This aspect of Elder bestows strength and wisdom upon us. Consider combining Elder flower remedy with Scleranthus flower remedy to help manage the ups and downs in our cycles, taking away the extremes and helping us to avoid manic behaviour.  

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