Fairy Dust : For Younger Kids

£ 7.50 each Weight: 120 g


Fairy Dust is a mixture of four flower remedies to help young kids cope with the process of growth, development and maturity. Many distressing childhood events, such as illnesses and traumas, are intensified or accelerated moments of growth in the child's journey towards adulthood. Fairy Dust works with the natural process of growth to gently encourage the flowering of each child's unique potential. Fairy Dust can be sprayed around children when they are distressed yet also be used at any other time when the loving support of Nature and her fairies would be beneficial. Fairy Dust is like a kiss from the fairies. It causes no side effects, is totally natural and can be kept close to kids. It heals and helps the young through love and joy.

Mountain Thyme. Wild Thyme gathered from an ancient fairy kingdom in central Scotland. Thyme is the remedy alleviating the suffering caused by the passage of time. This particular Thyme is specifically for the process of childhood maturity. It is a powerful healer and will release any blockages holding the child back.

Sunflower. This flower is an archetypal symbol of joy and laughter in childhood: the large flower resembles a child's beaming face following the passage of the Sun through the heavens; the abundant seeds produced by the flower represent our hopes and wishes for all our flourishing offspring; and its straight, strong and tall stem symbolises the process of unimpeded growth. It has also been used for many years as a flower remedy for self-confidence.

Chestnut Bud is not made from flowers but the budding leaf of the White (Horse) Chestnut. The unfurling leaf symbolises unfoldment into the physical world during the early stages of life. Each child's growth and development provides valuable lessons to the young soul, some of which are hard and painful. This remedy makes the learning of lessons easier and quicker to assimilate.

Moon Fire is simply water left in a glass bowl by a bonfire while children explored the fields under the magical light of a full moon. This environmental essence connects children to their past, the mother and the nurturing roots which feed their future growth.

Lime oil has been added for its warm, refreshing, sweet and vibrant qualities.

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