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Kitchen Alchemy

By Phillippa Lee of Aquarius Flower Remedies 

and Ann Bowen-Jones

At alchemy's core is transformation, with the transmutation of base into gold being a potent metaphor for enlightenment. Food is, essentially, transformed by cooking to render it more palatable and nutritious. It metamorphoses again when eaten and its individual components become part of our bodies. In their first book, Ann Bowen-Jones and Phillippa Lee suggest that our consciousness can also be transformed through each and every interaction with food. This book approaches shopping, cooking and eating food in a way that celebrates life, creation and beauty. It illuminates our relationships with food and demonstrate how food can heal every level of our being by restoring the influence of innate and cultural wisdom.   We all have to eat, so it is empowering to realise that every time we fulfil that fundamental need we have choices which may seem small in themselves, but which cumulatively can quite simply transform our lives.

Soft bound book .  160 pages.  About 75 colour images. 42 recipes, mainly vegetarian.

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