Nasturtium Tropaeolum genus

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


Nasturtium is the flower essence to bring the brow chakra into a healthy state of being. Nasturtium is native to Peru but is well known and loved as a garden annual; red, orange and yellow flowers are a common sight during the summer months. Any closing down or over-expansion of the brow chakra can be treated with nasturtium. Those of us who study too hard and lack joy in life will benefit from the use of this flower essence. Obsessions and nervous compulsion will respond to the use of nasturtium. It can be used if the energies of the brow chakra are in demand, for example training, studying or cramming for exams. If meditation causes drowsy or spacy sensations nasturtium will correct the imbalances that are occurring in the brow as it also has the ability to reconnect us to the earth. Any eye disorders can be treated with nasturtium flower essence, as well as headaches and dis-ease in the nose and sinuses. Nasturtium also opens the pituitary chakra, acts as a mild tonic for the entire endocrine system, enhances the assimilation of B vitamins, and finally increases sensitivity to colour, making it a good essence to use alongside colour therapy.

Nasturtium flower essence is used to stimulate the Brow Chakra.  Refer to Chakra Flower Essences for full details.

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