Passion Flower flower essence / remedy Passiflora

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


This vine acquired its current name from the Jesuit priests who sailed to the New World. They discovered in its signature the whole passion of their saviour god. The three stamens resemble the nails used for the crucifixion, the petals are like the crown of thorns placed on Christ’s head, and the ten sepals represent the disciples minus the two, Judas and Peter, who betrayed and denied. Christ is the universal principle associated with the heart, and Christ Consciousness is heightened when this flower essence is used. It is the essence to use if there is long-term emotional pain that has not yet been released. The passion, the suffering of Christ flows through the angel of this flower, bringing universal healing and peace directly into the area it is needed, the heart chakra. Any individual who is opening up spiritually will benefit from the use of this essence as it helps assimilate and stabilise the experience. One further use for passion flower essence is as an aid to sleep; it promotes deep sleep, eases nightmares and helps in the remembering of dreams.

Passion Flower is used to open, stimulate and unblock the Heart Chakra.

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