Radiance: Flower Essence Combination

£ 7.50 each Weight: 100 g


Almond helps us connect more deeply with and express our inner beauty and radiance.

Bellflower brings us more to life, useful when we feel as if we are drying up, loosing spontaneity, joy and creativity.

Andryala reconnects us to the eternal font of youth within our being, making us feel younger at heart.

Oleander increases truth, light and love in our auric field.

Carduus Thistle is for lack of confidence, bringing the good within us to the surface.

Field Marigold allows our beauty to touch the lives of others.

Peach helps ground these spiritual, mental and emotional qualities into our physical body so that we radiate more readily our inner splendour.

Dose: 4 drops on tongue, 4 times daily.

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