Small Set of Seed Essences

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Aquarius Seed Essences

Small Set of 20 x 10 ml bottles in sturdy card boxes

SEED ESSENCES are powerful new vibrational essences from nature made by Aquarius  Flower Remedies.  Visit our website for full information regarding these essences and the 300 different vibrational products we produce.

SEED ESSENCES are made in exactly the same way as flower remedies but with the seeds of the plant instead of the flowers.  Each Seed Essence has one or more Key Qualities.  They can be used by themselves or combined with any flower remedy . Available in the usual 10 ml dropper bottles.  Use as you would any flower essence.  The standard dose is 4 drops, four times daily.

Aquilegia Seed Essence    Key Quality  Stillness

Like seeds we too need to lay still.  Use Aquilegia Seed Essence when we want a greater degree of stillness in our lives.  Aligns with Group 3.

Ash Seed Essence   Key Quality Creativity

Seeds are storage vessels of powerful creative forces.  Use Ash Seed Essence to connect with this quality within ourselves.  Aligns with Group 6.

Blackthorn Seed Essence    Key Quality Aspiration

Blackthorn Seed Essence increases courage so we can better aspire through our endeavours.  Aligns with Group 6.

Bugloss Seed Essence  Key Quality  Resilience

Use Bugloss Seed Essence when we want to become more resilient to what life brings our way.  Aligns with Group 1.

Buttercup Seed Essence  Key Quality  Respect

The key quality of Buttercup Seed Essence arises out of knowledge and understanding.  Aligns with Group 2.

Carob Seed Essence  Key Qualities Maturing,  Growth

Carob Seed Essence aids in the process of turning our knowledge and experience into maturity.  Use Carob Seed Essence to help in the process of any type of growth.  Aligns with Group 2 and Group 6.

Chilli Seed Essence  Key Quality  Clarity

Chilli Seed Essence brings purity of thought.  Aligns with Group 6.

Dandelion Seed Essence  Key Quality Cosmic Seed

Dandelion Seed Essence brings our awareness to our connection with the cosmos within, our own star seed.  Aligns with Group 7.

Dock Seed Essence  Key Quality Birth

Dock Seed Essence aids in the process of birth, be that physical or metaphorial.  Aligns  with Group 5.

Enchanter's Nightshade Seed Essence  Key Quality  Darkness

Use Enchanter's Nightshade Seed Essence when we are in the darkness.  Aligns with Group 4.

Parichka Seed Essence  Key Quality  Youthfulness

Use Parichka Seed Essence when we want to feel younger on all levels of being.  Parichka Seed Essence aligns with Group 5.

Poppy Seed Essence  Key Qualities  Strength, Meaning

Poppy Seed Essence is a strengthener on all levels of being.  Poppy Seed Essence can be used to give greater meaning to life, enhance our sense of purpose.  Poppy Seed Essence aligns with Groups 5 and 6.

Purple Loosestrife Seed Essence   Key Quality Hidden

Purple Loosestrife Seed Essence helps us to remain undetected, off the radar.  Use Purple Loosestrife Seed Essence if the glare of publicity is too intense.  Aligns with Group 4.

Red Campion Seed Essence   Key Quality Stature

Red Campion Seed Essence increases our own sense of stature.  Aligns with Group 6.

Red Clover Seed Essence   Key Quality Patient Planting

Red Clover Seed Essence increases our awareness that we are continually spreading our seeds through our work/service.    Use Red Clover Seed Essence when we are working but seeing no immediate results or returns.   Aligns with Group 4.

Red Valerian Seed Essence   Key Qualities  Safety, Learning the Lessons

Red Valerian Seed Essence has a protective quality, increasing our sense of personal safety.  This seed essence connects us to our inner knowing.    Aligns with Groups 1 and 2 . 

Rose Seed Essence   Key Quality Conviction

Rose Seed Essence is used to bring a greater sense of confidence, specifically the quality of conviction, when we waver from our chosen course.  Aligns with Group 5.

Rosemary Seed Essence   Key Quality Persistence

Rosemary Seed Essence fosters a greater sense of persistence.  Aligns with Group 1.

Scabious Seed Essence   Key Quality Unknowing

Use Scabious Seed Essence when we need to accept that we do not know and that being left in the dark does not have to be a fearful or dis-empowering experience.  Aligns with Group 4.

Scarlet Pimpernel Seed Essence   Key Qualities Slowing Down, New Beginnings

Use Scarlet Pimpernel Seed Essence when there is a need to slow down, reduce the pace of life.  Scarlet Pimpernel Seed Essence resonates with the beginning of a new phase in life, the birth of a new project, etc.  the other use of this seed essence is to calm and centre when we are exposed to fresh impulses.  Aligns with Groups 3 and 5.

The Therapeutic Uses of Seed Essences have been classified under seven headings, based on the different aspects and symbolism of the seed.

Group 1- The Hard Shell

The seed has a hard shell, protecting it from the outside. Seed essences can be used for the emotional, mental and spiritual issues associated with this quality. In the repertory this translates as:

Endurance, persistence, resilience, patience

Not bending or caving in under pressure

Increasing our ability to self-protect

Feeling safe and secure

Maintaining our privacy

Any fear emanating from the outside world

The calming of any form of panic

Group 2 - Storing the Knowledge

The therapeutic uses categorised in this group arise from the seed being a vessel of information. It develops at the end of the growth cycle and contains all the information and knowledge needed to create a new life in the same form. Harvest. Within the seed essence repertory this quality is expressed  as:

Reconnecting to and strengthening the protective blessing that comes down to us from our ancestors

Unblocking of the past

Connecting us to the records of wisdom

When we fail and have to do the same again

The learning of lessons

Growth and maturity


Reaping what we sow

Group 3 - Quiet and Still

The seed appears at the end of the growth cycle.  All the energy and activity has died away, leaving the seeds to ripen on the stem and ultimately to lie dormant in the Good Earth

Helping us to slow down and take a break

The calming of agitations on all levels of being


Rest recuperation and recovery

Group 4 - Burial and Resurrection

The seed has the desire to fall to the Good Earth and bury itself: the end of the cycle of life is reached.  Transformation is about to occur.

Fear of the dark and unknown

Assisting us in periods of transition and transformation when aspects of our being die or peel away in order to give new life the potential to emerge

The dark night of the soul

Finding the light at the end of the tunnel

Going through radical change

Reinventing ourselves

Group 5 - Germination

Reconnecting us to the font of eternal youth

Making us feel younger

Rejuvenation on all levels of being

Starting out afresh

Butterflies and nerves that proceed an event

Journeying into the unknown

Group 6 - Growth Potential and Purpose

The seed knows its purpose in life.  In the repertory this translates as:

Putting us more in touch with our life's purpose

Being true to ourselves

Greater clarity in our life

Greater meaning to our existence

Helping us engage more fully with our destiny

Enabling us to fulfil our true potential

Staying focussed and committed even when there appears to be little or no success or movement forward

Greater self-confidence

Greater self-belief

Improving creativity

More confident self-expression


Group 7   The Cosmic Seed

The Cosmos has seeded the Earth.  Everything on this planet, including Gaia herself, has grown from the seeding from Cosmic Dust.  A part of us each one of us resonates with the Cosmic Seed.  Our own inner seed is a core part of our spiritual nature.

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