Vaccine Injury Awaken

£ 7.50 each Weight: 100 g


Vaccine Injury - Awaken 

Flower, Seed and Gold Essence Combination

Specially formulated for covid 19 vaccine injuries


Lunar Ivy  When we have been poisoned.

Cardoon Thistle  Forgiveness of self and others.

Ground Ivy  Regret

Lunar Hawksbeard  Victim in national disaster.

Asphodel, Oak Bark, Red Clover, White Dead Nettle  Deep Cleansing of the blood and lymphatic system.

Hemlock Water-dropwort

Cleanser of highly toxic matter in the body, including the vaccine generated spike protein.

Buddleia, Elderberry 

These two have been added specifically to help the body deal with the effects on the body of the undisclosed graphene oxide.

Seed essence of Fig  Inner healing and convalescence.

These remedies have been added to Awaken, a 20 strong combination.

Margarita, Daffodil, Jerusalem Sage, Acacia, Mullein, Star of Bethlehem, Walnut  Open the higher chakras in the spiritual body so that new energies are assimilated, perceptions altered, a better reality created. 

Garlic, Mimulus, Aspen, Bougainvillea, Meadowsweet  For fear, real or imaginary, and the inertia it creates at the deepest levels of being.  Remedies to facilitate our opening.

Passion Flower and Christ Thorn   To open and balance the heart chakra, centre of truth and the high-heart, centre of unconditional love.

Oleander, Nasturtium, Mustard, Borage  To dispel darkness, reclaim joy and courage.  

Seed essence of Wood Aven  Better integration between our spiritual and physical realities.

Gold essence   For inner beauty, splendour, self-worth and sovereignty.   To ease the pain of awakening.



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