A Story of Oak

oak tree

‘I shall struggle on to the very last’

These were the words Dr. Bach used to describe the personality associated with his newly made oak flower remedy back in 1933.  Over eighty years later very similar words were used to me by one of my long-term customers.  J. has a chronic back condition that she manages with the aid of flower remedies.  I have sent her numerous bottles over the years to help her cope with the emotions that have accompanied her condition such as despair, grief and fear.  Earlier this year I started sending her a combination of dowsed remedies that contains Lunar Hazel, which is for wounds that have been inflicted by heavy or sharp instruments in a previous life.  I suggested she had her back broken in a former life and that the deep wound this left upon her soul is still present, needing to be healed further.

However recently J. has been contacting me for oak flower remedy, finding it very beneficial.  “What has brought you to the use of this remedy?” I enquired.  She told me.  Each day she attempts to walk a few hundred yards up a gently sloping field to an oak tree near her home.  The oak has become a physical symbol of her desire to regain her health through exercise.  When she reaches the tree she spends some time there, encouraged by her endeavours and gives the tree a big hug to feel its strength and power.  If she is feeling particularly strong she may attempt to struggle on a little further before turning back home for the easier walk down.  She told a visiting friend the story of her special oak and on the next visit her friend brought her a small gift of a bottle of Bach Oak Essence, which she immediate gained benefit from. 

This is an exquisite example not only of the therapeutic qualities of oak documented all those years ago but of a personal connection with nature being transferred directly to the essence.  The bonding with nature can be as important as the remedies themselves.   So if you have a favourite or special plant that is significant to you, speaks to your inner self, or is a totem or emblem you will find its vibrational essence a useful healing tool.  The link with nature can also come through a soothing or healing place or spot in nature where you find peace and solace.  And  places can be captured very readily and easy in remedies as environmental essences. This can be done by placing a glass bowl of water on the bank side of your favourite spot by the river or in a well-liked beauty spot or somewhere in the wilds you are particularly drawn to.  After three hours under sunlight the water can be bottled half and half with a brandy preservative and every time you take the remedy you will be transported back to that most special, inspirational and healing of places.

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