extended chakra system

The Extended Chakra System

It is an integral part of human nature to find the processes of life intriguing; for this reason each generation has made claims to have lived in interesting times. Perhaps our current claim can be based on the fact, that by looking into just about every area of life, dramatic change is revealed. Many of us have long since given up trying to keep up, not only with change, but its acceleration. The changes we perceive in the outer world are reflected in our own being: our subtle anatomy is also coming under these powerful influences. Change forces us to be more awake and conscious and within the subtle anatomy many have become aware of the chakras above and beyond the major seven.

For twenty five years or so there has been a growing body of literature on the emerging chakras. These are new points within the human energy field, new centres of consciousness that are developing in response to these changes. The early information was confusing and conflicting but a consensus has now emerged, the Extended Chakra System has “settled down”. Since we marketed the Chakra Flower Essences, it felt fitting to develop this range further and encompass these new chakras which are proving to be powerful tools in healing and self-development.


There are two additional chakras above the head, the Stellar and Soul Star. The top one, Stellar connects our being to the infinite, the cosmos, the consciousness of the stars. It is through this chakra we develop our appreciation and wonder of the size of the universe we inhabit. Looking into the clear night sky conveys an image of this chakra. When opened and balanced this chakra provides us with a sense of orientation within the cosmos, accepting our purpose and being. When closed we feel disorientated, “at sea”, fear of large, open spaces, lack of acceptance of what life brings our way.

The Soul Star acts as a transformer of energy, stepping down the higher frequencies of the Stellar to slower frequencies our body can accept through the Crown. When the Soul Star is not functioning properly either too much or too little cosmic energy enters the personal energy field. The Soul Star is also the filter which prevents toxins from entering our personal space.

The Earth Star is located beneath the feet. It is this chakra which connects us to the central core of the Earth herself. When activating the upper two chakras it is important also to stimulate the Earth Star for this is the grounding channel for the high energies of love emanating from the cosmos. The Earth Star commits and dedicates us to being here on planet Earth. It is the centre of consciousness which knows why we have incarnated on Earth and fully accepts the unfoldment of great joy and pain earthly life brings.

The Guru chakra is located in the centre of the head and on the physical level corresponds to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. The Guru has been likened to a little sun in the centre of the head. From it energetic channels radiate out in all directions. It is proving highly effective in the treatment of many problems originating within the cranial cavity for through its network of channels it can illuminate all areas of the head. The Guru governs the inner or divine knowledge or illumination which leads to enlightenment. The Guru contains our wisdom built upon experience and understanding, it lies behind the Brow Chakra which contains knowledge built upon curiosity and learning.

The High Heart lies mid-way between the heart and the throat. On the physical level this chakra corresponds to the thymus gland, a twin-lobed organ which overlays the heart and is an important part of the immune system. At a place in our evolutionary journey when the immune system is coming under extreme pressure the stimulation of the High Heart is of great value. It contains the higher aspects of love that do not seek to be loved in return, are not bound by possessiveness and responsibility. The High Heart is the centre of unconditional love.

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