I mentioned in the memorial newsletter to my partner, Heidi, that the sunflowers she had planted in the garden in the spring started to flower the day after her death.  The first of many signs Heidi sent from spirit.  She was flowering in the centre of the garden.  The following year a large patch of euphorbia occupied the centre; it seemed to have sprung up everywhere,  growing through the garden furniture and up to the windows, peeking in from outside.  

euphorbia cat

Cat disturbed from her siesta by the sight of my camera as she slumbered beneath one of the many patches of euphorbia in the front garden

'When broken, a milky white sap oozes from euphorbia. This is one of the signatures of this plant which points to its connection with the archetype of the Mother. With this plant making such a strong connection to the mother, the effect of its vibrational impulse is to draw light from the Universal Mother into the subtle anatomy. Energetically the needs and desires euphorbia addresses appear in the aura as empty spaces. The use of this flower essence and flower oil helps fill these gaps with the nourishing milky white light  emanating from the Cosmic Mother.'

Extract from our book Oil and Water  

For me the profusion of euphobia in our front garden was one of Heidi‚Äôs signs from spirit.  Her presence, the essence of the mother still very close.  The following spring I spent some time with the euphorbia, cutting out last year's dead stalks, trimming it back a little, being with Heidi and the Mother.   I didn't think of washing my hands after and at some point rubbed my forhead and around my eyes.  The sap of euphorbia is an irritant and before long my eyes started to sting and stream.  It wasn't until my sinuses were infalmed and my nose full of mucus did the penny drop and I washed my eyes out.  I sat with my red eyes crying, my nose congested and dripping thinking again of euphorbia, the Mother, Heidi.  How appropriate, I thought, that euphobia should make me cry so. 


Heidi 11 08 1958 - 10 08 2017

Solar Angel

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