Accelerated Change Flower Essence Combination

£ 7.50 each Weight: 100 g


Margarita, Lloydia, Daffodil, Morning Glory and Borganvillia have been combined to create the Accelerated Change essence.

By stimulating the chakras above the head, the Crown, the Guru and Earth Star, we help our energy system to harmonise with the high spiritual vibrations currently entering from the cosmos. These intense vibrations are forcing us to adapt to changes at what seems like an ever increasing rate.

Use this combination when life is "full on", when we want to stay in the flow but avoid stress and burn out, rise to the challenges and ride on top of the surf wave. This combination increases the energy reaching the seven major chakras, making them spin faster so that they become more receptive and refined. Use this combination when the chakras seem sluggish and need an injection of energy.

Then we are able to rise above the mundane and reconnect with our higher purpose, bring a fresh perspective to life, accelerate our own growth and healing, kick start the energy system, receive and give more of ourselves.

Dose of this flower essence combination is 4 drops on tongue, 4 times daily.

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