A - Z of Flower Essences Remedies

We pride ourselves on the care to attention and detail we put into the making of our flower essence remedies to maintain purity.
All our flower remedies are made in their natural environments with freshly picked flowers.

All the remedies in this section are made under sunlight.

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Bach Aquarius Flower Remedies

Aquarius Bach Flower Remedies

Here at Aquarius we are privileged to have the full set of Dr. Bach's flower mother tinctures. They are made in the 'Spirit of Bach', following his original instructions. We also enhance them in the same manner as all our flower remedies. Read How We Make Our Remedies

Full descriptions of the Bach remedies can be found in The Bach Repertory

Moon Flower Remedies

moon flower remedies tree 

Past Life Healing


Moon Flowers

Karmic Healing under Moonlight

The soul can carry many past life wounds through into the present incarnation. From a deep level within our being these karmic wounds influence and shape our life in profound ways. Part of the soul's purpose is to heal past life trauma

Moon flowers are a set of flower remedies for past life healing, made by a process called lunarisation: freshly picked flowers are floated in a glass bowl of water and left under the Moon for a few hours. Making flower remedies under the Moon, instead of the Sun, allows a different facet of the flower`s healing to emerge. Potentising the flowers by moon-light enables us to use flowers to heal the wounding that has occurred in past lives. Moon flowers will also heal the wounds that have occurred in the past of this incarnation and held in the deep memory. These are frequently karmic wounds from past lives emerging again to be healed.

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Chakra Flower Essences


The Chakra Flower Essences have a direct therapeutic effect upon our chakras. They are able to balance and unblock the chakras so that energy can freely flow.  The Chakra Flower Essences can be used to bring healing to the chakras, by unblocking and stimulating them so energies flow freely.

 chakras in aura 

Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy within the human aura. Their function is to draw energy from the cosmos, or universal energy field, into our own energy field in order that we maintain vitality and well being. If any of the chakras are weak or blocked they do not draw sufficient energy and dis-ease results, be that spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.

Three short introductory articles on the Chakras and the Chakra Flower Essences

1  The Nature and Qualities of the Chakras  read

2  How Dysfunctions appear in the Chakras and how they affect us  read

3  Using Chakra Flower Essences to treat dysfunctional chakras   read

Five Element Flower Essences


Five Element Flower Essences

supporting the flow of life force through the meridians


 The Five Element Flower Essences assist in the flow of energy through the network of energetic channels called meridians.

The meridians provide the energy for the entire body/mind system so the correct level and quality of life force or ki in the meridians is a vital ingredient in the maintenance of health.

The traditional methods of harmonising the flow of ki through the meridians are through their stimulation at the soft tissue level within the body.

However, they also flow much deeper, linking organs and energy centres, as well as beyond the physical body, in the etheric layer of the aura. Ki flows through the meridians rather like water in a river: it may flow fast or slow, become blocked and stagnant, flow too forcefully or with too little pressure.

The incorrect flow of ki through the meridians gives rise to some form of imbalance manifesting within the body. The meridians act in pairs and these pairings are related to one of the five Chinese elements.

The following list shows which flower remedies have been aligned with the meridian pairs:


Liver-Gall Bladder Meridians



Heart-Small Intestines and

Triple Heater-Heart Protector Meridians



Stomach - Spleen (Pancreas) Meridians 



Lung-Large Intestines Meridians



Kidney - Bladder Meridians



Auric Body Flower Essences

Auric Body Flower Essences


The aura, also referred to as the subtle anatomy or light body, is the non-physical part of us that extends some two feet or so beyond our body, enveloping us in an invisible egg-shape subtle energy structure.

It is rather like the atmosphere of the earth, becoming more rarified the further the distance from our body, yet it also penetrates into our physical form where the chakras, meridians and nadi are found.

Flower remedies have a very strong influence upon the aura: this is where they impact initially when taken orally or just held.

In fact if you were to give one of the Auric Flower Essences to someone and then place your hands at the appropriate distance from their body you would feel its effects on the palms of your hands

Seed Essences

Powerful New Vibrational Essences From Nature

SEED ESSENCES are made in exactly the same way as flower remedies but with the seeds of the plant instead of the flowers

assorted seed essence 



Each Seed Essence has one or more clear and concise Key Qualities

They can be combined with flower remedies See our Flower and Seed Essence Combinations or simply by themselves.

Available in the usual 10 ml and 30 ml dropper bottles

Use as you would any flower essence.  The standard dose is 4 drops, four times daily.

Click Here to view and print The Complete Seed Essence Repertory 

Click here for further information on Seed Essences

Flower Oils

Flower oils are made the same way as flower remedies but the freshly picked flowers are placed in oil instead of water.  All these flower oils have been made in the Mediterranean area and so olive oil has been used.  The oils have no scent.  They can be added to a base oil, just as you would esstential oils for use in massage.  In fact you can, if you wish, mix them with essential oils in any blends that you create.

All the flower oils have parallel flower remedies available in the A-Z of Flower Remedies.

Flower Essence Combinations

Flower and Seed Essence Combinations

All combinations are available in two different bases

traditional brandy base (9% alcohol)

Non-Alcoholic vegetable glycerine base (sweet)

and three different sizes

We draw upon over 300 different essences to create our Flower and Seed Essence Combinations.  We are continually adding to this range of products. If you don't find what you are looking for in this section try our Practitioner Service where personal combinations are made.

Massage Oils

massage oils from Aquarius Flower Remedies

Our massage oils are rather like our flower essence combinations but made in oil instead of the traditional water/brandy.  We create the magic with our flower oils, a set of 38 flower oils which are added along with essential oils to a sunflower, soya, almond base oil mix.

Therapeutic Foam Washes


Therapeutic Foam Washes

Our range of mild and gentle therapeutic foam washes can be used as you would a normal foam bath or shower gel. Also suitable as a shampoo. 

The base ingredients are:

water; organic aloe vera; alkyl ether sulphate & mea lauryl sulphate (cleans and disperses oils and derived from palm oil); amidoalkylbetaine (mild foaming agent); cold pressed jojoba oil (conditioning); wheatgerm oil; hydroxyethyl-cellulose (food grade thickener from plant fibres). The preservatives are: grapefruitseed extract & vitamin C; potassium sorbate; benzyl alcohol; phenoxyethanol; natural vit. E, A, D, B. 100% biodegradable. 

Mediterranean Flower Oils

We add flower oils from our own unique Mediterranean Flower Oil repertorie  and also essential oils to create the different blends.

The 200ml bottles are glass. 

Pets Corner

Insights into Animal Souls

I have a dog that I love dearly. He has brought joy to my life and given smiles to the faces of many he has met. There is no doubt in my mind that he has a wise and sensitive soul, knowing right from wrong and doing everything in his power to cheer up someone down in the dumps. When I look at my dog I feel as though his soul is on a higher level than a lot of people I've met. His selfless nature is inspirational.

I have always been able to teach my cats not to kill birds. I do this by giving them lots of positive attention and communicating with them telepathically. I let them know how sad it makes me feel when they kill other beings, and I let them experience my feelings of sadness. All my cats have wanted to please me.

Alex the African gray parrot was able to count and identify colors, and he had a beautiful relationship with his companion, Irene. When Alex died in 2007, his last words to her were “You be good. I love you.”

We can learn much about the soul of animals from the life of saints and sages. Ramana Maharshi, a great Indian Saint, treated the animals who were drawn to his ashram with the same tenderness and reverence he showed his human devotes. He saw no difference. A cow named Lakshme lived at Ramana's ashram for twenty five years. When Ramana sat with his devotes and shared his spiritual presence, Lakshme would come on her own, walk up to the front, and rest her head on Ramana's feet. Whenever special food was prepared at the ashram Ramana would serve Lakshme himself in the hall with the other devotees. He attended to her in that moment as if she were the most precious being alive. In the end, when Lakshme lay dying, Ramana said to her "Mother, do you want me with you?" He put one hand on her heart and one on her head just as he had done with his own human mother as she lay dying. He could tell that Lakshme's heart was filled with devotion to God. When she died he said that she had attained final liberation.

Test Kits


Only glass vials are used in our Test Kits.

The vial size is 1.5 ml.

We half to three quarter fill the vials from our working stock and combination essences.

Permanently Sealed Screw-on Lids

All the boxes are made from sturdy white card with internal dividers.



Our own Rescues based on the original formula by Dr. Bach

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Rife Frequency Healing

New to Rife Frequency Healing?

We recommend you read the following short article to help understand the background and simple theory of Rife Frequency Healing.     Frequency Healing- the background