Introduction to the Chakras 3

Working with The Chakra Flower Essences

Chakra Flower Essences have a therapeutic impact upon the charkas. This is instantaneous. As soon as an the essence is taken the chakra will start to respond. Chakra Flower Essences balance, unblock and stimulate the charkas. They work with the needs of each individual.

The best place to start working on balancing the charkas is with yourself. I'm sure that if you read through the key concepts associated with the charkas in Article 1 some word or phrase jumped out, rang a bell, hit home. The chances are it is with this associated chakra that there is a blockage of some sort. If more than one chakra is highlighted either choose to work with the most pressing or a maximum of three. Trust your intuition or gut feelings on these matters.

We have found over some eighteen years of working with these essences that when the corresponding Chakra Flower Essence is taken for a malfunctioning chakra it has an immediate therapeutic effect, opening the chakra so that the energy/life force can once more freely flow. However, as the effects of the essence wears off the chakra once more reverts back to its dysfunctional energetic pattern. It is therefore necessary to take the essences on a regular basis, 4 times daily, in order to re-educate the chakra to hold and maintain a healthy energetic pattern.

It is unimportant as to the nature of the blockage, a twisted root or sluggish energy, because flower remedies are self-adjusting, meaning that they work differently for each individual depending on the nature of their complaint. Some charkas respond readily and quickly to the flower remedies, especially if the blockages have been present for only a short time. Other charkas will need to be re-educated over months, particularly if they contain deeply embedded dysfunctions.

As one chakra is cleared or realigned it may become apparent that another chakra requires attention. This is very common. The issues of one chakra often dominate our lives and as they clear or move on we become aware of what were less pressing issues associated with a different chakra. In this type of case both charkas have been out of alignment but one more so than the other. The clearing of the deeper issues allows us to see lesser issues – a clear indication of self-improvement!

There are of course other tools apart from the Chakra Flower Essences for restoring balance to the charkas such as the visulisation of the chakra colour or chanting specific sounds associated with the chakra or the use of semi-precious stones that resonate with the chakra energy. Different tools and techniques are co-supportive and you can mix and match what feels appropriate for you. And of course there are many other flowers which link to the charkas but here at Aquarius we have been using these particular ones for over eighteen and seen highly beneficial results

A Guide to the Chakra Flower Essences : A Workbook To Accompany the Chakra Flower Essences

This is a revised and expanded edition of the guide first published in 1995 - much more information for the same price. The book is now in two sections. The first part covers the theory of the seven major charkas, dowsing, the nature and qualities of flower remedies, and the flower essences that stimulate and unblock the chakras. Additional information has been added to the original text drawn from a further years of healing and teaching about the charkas.

The second section covers the Extended Chakras. This information has previously been published separately, now it has been included into the main guide. Descriptions of five of the new or emerging charkas is presented along with information on the flower essences that balance these centres. The final chapter is a record of using these charkas and corresponding flower essences in conjunction with the major seven on patients. Line drawings are included of all twelve of the flowers used to make the essences.

76 pages, Spiral Bound

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