Descriptions of the Five New or Extended Chakras

The two charkas above the head, the Stellar and Soul Star.

The Stellar is located approximately 12 inches above the head. The frequencies this
chakra resonates with are of the highest we are capable of receiving. This is the
chakra that links our personal energies into the cosmos and the consciousness of the
stars. The Stellar is our aerial to the stars and distant galaxies. It picks up the
vibrations, the consciousness of these celestial organs that are transmitted at very high
frequencies. The Stellar is concerned with our appreciation of the infinite, the wonder
and awe we experience when confronted with the size of eternity. It is through this
chakra we orientate ourselves in the cosmos. This chakra is where we establish our
personal relationship with the godhead. Looking up into the sky on a clear night
conveys an image of this chakra: like the night sky it is vast, stretching to infinity and
beyond our comprehension.

When this chakra is open and balanced we feel in tune with our place in the cosmos,
accepting our purpose and being. When the chakra is out of alignment or blocked the
following symptoms may arise: disorientation, confusion, feeling “lost at sea”, fear of
large or open spaces, lack of acceptance of what life brings our way, inability to
appreciate the wonder and mystery of life. At times of accelerated personal growth this
chakra receives a great deal of energy from the cosmos; this may put it temporarily out
of alignment as it adjusts to the new light.

The Soul Star is located approximately 6 inches above the head. This chakra acts as
a transformer of energy, stepping down the higher frequencies from the Stellar to
slower frequencies our body is able to deal with. It is the point of consciousness where
we are able to integrate the cosmic energies into our being and therefore performs an
extremely important function for it is the gateway through which the vitality of the
cosmos can enter our being and our lives. The energy we have in our Stellar is static
without the interplay of this chakra as it cannot infuse into our subtle anatomy without
first passing through the Soul Star. Once it has passed through this gateway it is
“digestible” and circulates around the whole of our being. The Soul Star also acts as a
screen, filtering out vibrations which are not conducive to healthy living.
A dysfunctional Soul Star can either allow too much cosmic energy into the system or
too little depending on whether it is over- or under-active. Too much high energy
entering our subtle bodies is likely to lead to a spacy sensation and not being properly
grounded. There is a likelihood of an “overheating” which may result in headaches and
in extreme cases delusionary states, eye/ear problems, nervous disorders, inability to
relax and if this imbalance persists for a long period, wear and tear on body parts.
Rather like a car running on a too high an octane fuel, the subtle anatomy and
eventually the physical body will suffer from an over-active Soul Star. Another way in
which this type of dysfunction can affect our being is by allowing too many outside
influences to enter our being. Since the Soul Star filters all that enters, lack of
discrimination about what we take into our own personal space can be an indicator of
an over-active Soul Star. It is worth testing the Soul Stars of those who suffer
adversely from environmental toxins, allergic reactions or from any form of psychic

The Stellar – Soul Star Polarity

The Stellar contains our star seed, the part of our consciousness which travels through
the cosmos. It is the most spiritual aspect of our being which we can still identify as
personal to ourselves. Vibrations above the Stellar merge into the collective
consciousness. At points in our spiritual evolution the star seed desires to incarnate
into physical form. To do this it has to approach Earth and slow down its vibratory rate.
It makes a connection with our soul. On an energetic level the Stellar chakra has
formed above the Soul Star and the essence we have brought from the cosmos
begins to filter down to create the other charkas, the subtle anatomy and the physical
body. Physical conception can now occur, the seed is embedded in the egg, the male
and female aspects unite.

The consciousness residing in the Stellar is orientated up, out and beyond. It is that
part of us which seeks the highest forms of ecstasy. It is always wanting to increase
excitement, radiance and intensity, raise the vibratory rates. It yearns for freedom,
freedom it knows from a time it was unbound to the physical form. In contrast the Soul
Star is orientated downwards: its desire is to slow down the vibrations, bind them to the
physical body, force the powerful spiritual forces of the Stellar into material life. The
Soul Star wants to carry and nurture the cosmic fire, our spiritual truth. So a tension of
polarity is set up between these two charkas, for the fire has to be contained, limited,
disciplined. It no longer has the eternal freedom of expression and creativity: it has to
play by the rules of this world; it has to incarnate.

The nature of our conception or incarnation, when the Stellar and Soul Star align and a
relationship between the two is created, is going to affect us for the rest of our lives.
The coming together of these two opposing forces can be traumatic. Dysfunctional
energetic patterns, blocks within these charkas, created at the time of conception are
going to affect the flow of energy to the Crown chakra. Working on opening, cleansing,
realigning, unblocking and healing these two centres of consciousness can remove
unhealthy patterns which have been there since conception and change the way we
align ourselves within the cosmos, a fundamental shift in consciousness.

The Stellar chakra is activated by the flower essence Margarita.
The Soul Star chakra is activated by the flower essence Lloydia.

The Earth Star – beneath the feet

The Earth Star is situated approximately six inches under the feet. The Earth Star is the earthing point within the extended chakra system as the Root/Base is for the seven major charkas. The Earth Star is of vital importance to the well-being of our energy system when working with the higher frequencies of the Stellar and Soul Star as our subtle bodies need the extra ballast offered by this chakra to ground the increased spiritual energies within the system when the charkas above the head are open.

The Earth Star chakra contains that part of our consciousness which knows why we
have incarnated on Planet Earth and fully accepts the unfoldment of great pain and joy
earthly life brings. The Earth Star is the destination of the spiritual fire that initially
enters our being through the Stellar; it contains our ability to fully integrate the divine
into the material world. The Root chakra is the grounding point for the physical energies of our being whilst the Earth Star is the grounding point of the spiritual essences. As the lowest of the charkas it acts like a “Super Root”, containing heavier and denser vibrations than the Root. The charkas above the head need this point of consciousness beneath the feet to balance the system, otherwise the subtle anatomy
would become top heavy.

There is a strong link between the Soul Star and the Earth Star charkas since each are
roughly the same distance above or below the physical body. At the time of
conception, when the Stellar and Soul Star come into alignment, the Soul Star begins
to create the Earth Star. This is achieved by the creation of a chord of light reaching
down from the Soul Star; the Earth Star forms at the other end. What is happening is
that the soul is drawing upon the sustenance of the earth to help in the formation of the
physical body. This cord of light later develops into the central column to which all the
charkas are attached and is identified within the meridian system as The Conception
and Governor Vessels. The Soul Star and Earth Star form the limits of personal
energy, the extremities of the bubble of light each one of us is contained within. Above
lies the Stellar, linking into the collective consciousness of the cosmos/spirit and below,
the collective consciousness of the earth herself.

When the Earth Star is not properly integrated into the energetic system there will be
symptoms similar to a dysfunctional Root chakra, not being properly grounded and
difficulty with day to day living. There may be a wishful desire to escape from the
physical world, not wanting to take full advantage of what life has on offer, adhering to
a philosophy which abdicates responsibilities for the betterment of life on earth for
rewards which await us in the spiritual realms. As fear is an emotion associated with a
Root chakra holding an unhealthy energetic pattern, spiritual fear is associated with a
dysfunctional Earth Star. Spiritual fear is being afraid of some aspect or aspects of the
spiritual realms and the polarisation of the spiritual forces into good and evil. Demonic
forces are seen to arise out of the earth; this is no more than the workings of our own
unhealthy Earth Star chakra.

The Earth Star commits and dedicates us to being here on earth, not elsewhere. The
Earth Star continually reminds us of our contract with this planet, the grounding of light
and love from the cosmos, in whichever way that seems appropriate, for the
advancement of earth and our own soul’s evolution.

The Earth Star chakra is stimulated by Borganvillia

Note: in most flower essence combinations which use Margarita or Lloydia it is
important to include Borganvillia to maintain balance within the energetic system.

The Guru Chakra – in the middle of the head

This chakra is located in the centre of the head and on the physical level corresponds
to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. The former controls the pituitary that has
been referred to as the master gland for it coordinates the nervous and endocrine
systems. The Guru has been likened to a little sun within the head, a bright light right
in the centre of the skull. It lies under the crown on the central column, on the
intersection of a line going directly into the head from between the eyes (the bridge of
the nose) and a line connecting the ears.

Like the Brow the Guru has strong associations with the head, eyes, ears, nose and
sinuses. The difference in their impact upon the physical body seems to be that the
Guru has more influence upon problems that develop deeper within the head, for
example with the cochlea or eustation tube of the inner ear and optic nerves or retina
of the inner eye. Certainly no harm can be done by simultaneously stimulating the
Guru and Brow with flower essences.

Although its location is close to that of the Brow these two charkas are distinctive in
nature. Like the Brow it is concerned with our mental faculties but more so with the
spiritual aspects. Lying behind the Brow, the Guru is concerned with inner or deeper
aspects of the workings of the mind. Whereas the Brow is the centre of intelligence,
the Guru is the centre of wisdom, that quality which lies behind our thoughts and
actions. The Brow contains our knowledge, built upon curiosity and learning, yet the
Guru contains our understanding based upon experience. The consciousness of the
Brow can be extrovert, desire mental stimulation and psychic experiences; the Guru
contains that part of us which is content to sit and reflect and does not need to
impress. The Guru governs the process of illumination, inner or divine knowing which
leads to enlightenment. It is the point of focus in meditation which stills the active
mind. The Guru chakra is a presence, a light in the eyes that comes not from study,
training or academic pursuits but from being in touch with divine light and

The seven major charkas are described as spinning vortexes of energy. They create a
magnetism as they draw energy in and send it out into different parts of the subtle
anatomy. The Crown and Brow draw the energy/light/spirit into the body from the Soul
Star. With the exception of the High Heart, the nature of the energy patterns within the
new charkas is different from the major seven and not always magnetic in nature. The
Guru, positioned underneath the Crown, does not draw the energy down but rather is
receptive to its flow. It does not store or hold onto the flow: it is just there and does not
interfere or change the quality of the energy reaching the rest of the system. The Guru
accepts and we need to connect with this centre of consciousness when we cannot.
The Guru is also the part of our consciousness that is first able to discern in human
language and symbols what has come through the Crown, the still, small voice within
the mind.

The Guru chakra is stimulated by the flower essence Morning Glory

The High Heart

The High Heart lies mid-way between the heart and the throat. Like the Heart chakra,
the High heart is a vortex of spinning energy projecting out of the chest but slightly
higher up. On the physical level the High Heart corresponds to the thymus gland, a
twin lobed organ which overlays the heart and is an important part of our immune

It is within the High Heart that the higher aspects of love are contained. While the
Heart chakra is concerned with love and bonding, the High Heart is concerned with
unconditional love, a love that does not seek to be loved in return; no preconditions are
set upon affection and caring. Although there is magnetism, bonding and
possessiveness within the consciousness of the Heart chakra, for love imposes many
constraints and conditions, this is not so within the High Heart. The High Heart raises
the vibrationary rates to levels above the desire to love and be loved. The more
refined and spiritualised energies of love in the High Heart go beyond the restrictions of
the Heart. Unconditional love does not need to be qualified, limited or reserved in any
manner. This chakra contains “The Good Heart”, open, compassionate and
benevolent. As with so many of the qualities of the new charkas, the High heart
contains our aspirations and idealised forms, in this case in the arena of love, qualities
we continually strive towards but are so difficult to maintain.

Within the extended chakra system the High Heart is the central chakra, as the Heart is within the seven. An open High Heart is therefore important in the smooth running of the extended system. In the seven chakra system the Heart receives the light from thecrown and from here love spreads out into the whole of the subtle anatomy.The High Heart receives its light from the Stellar but in a different way. Now the route is not through direct transference but rather by resonance: the High Heart resonates in harmony with the vibrations emanating from the Stellar. Certain musical instruments begin to play themselves when touched by the sounds from other instruments: the relationship between the Stellar and High Heart can be likened to this.

The High Heart chakra is activated by Christ Thorn

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