Introduction to the Chakras 2

Dysfunctional Chakras

There are several ways in which a chakra can display dysfunctional patterns. If the chakra is over-used the chakra can distend, becoming bloated or open too wide.


When too much study or mental work is undertaken, the brow chakra is over-stimulated and can open too wide. Headaches and faulty vision can follow.

Those who ‘love to much’ open their hearts to too many people can suffer from an over-extended heart chakra. Such folk suffer much heart ache.

Masturbation can cause the sacral chakra to open too wide if it becomes more than just a normal health sex drive. Male prostrate problems are associated with this condition.

Sometimes a chakra becomes sluggish, spinning too slowly so that the energy is not distributed correctly.


Those who are either lazy or insufficiently motivated are very likely suffering from a sluggish root chakra.

Those who have been unable to develop self-belief and confidence will have an under-active solar plexus chakra.

Shy, retiring and timid folk are very likely to have a throat chakra that is poorly developed.

Another common malfunction is when a chakra becomes twisted or distorted so that its ‘root' (the narrowest section of the vortex) has become constricted and is unable to allow the energy to flow.


If the heart chakra holds such a dysfunctional pattern it may well indicate that the individual has cut themself off from love because they have been emotionally hurt.

Cynicism can cause the higher charkas, crown and brow in particular, to distort in this manner and close the individual down to the highest spiritual qualities that are being continually bestowed upon life on Earth.

When the solar plexus chakra twists in on itself victim consciousness becomes prominent and the individual feels unable and unwilling to be in control of their own life and consequently refuses to take personal responsibility.

One more example of a blocked chakra is where certain parts of the chakra have stopped functioning.


In the throat chakra this would indicate a lessened ability to communicate freely and possibly a constant frog in the throat or a recurring sore throat.

Those who have a ‘blind spot’ unable to see what is obvious to everyone around them are likely to have a blockage of this nature in their brow chakra.

Creativity is associated with the sacral chakra so a creative block is a block in the sacral chakra.

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