Targeted Remote Healing

£ 60.00 each

Targeted Remote Healing

Almost one hundred years of research across the world into frequency healing has resulted in sets of frequencies being established for most conditions that we suffer from.

Here at Aquarius, we offer a targeted remote healing programme tailored and structured to your specific needs.

We need a sample of your DNA which can be posted to us in the form of a nail clipping. The nail is then placed in the remote and is subjected to the appropriate Rife frequencies for you.   The frequencies affect your DNA in the nail and all the identical DNA in the world which is going to be in your body as DNA is unique to each individual. 

Postal address for nail clippings

Aquarius Flower Remedies, Coburg Cottage, Chudleigh, Devon TQ13 0JF, England.

For the Targeted Remote Healing, please also let us know if you:

  •        have had the results of a medical diagnosis
  •        have any morbidities or chronic conditions
  •        have any questions or concerns about the remote healing

This information can be sent with the nail clipping or emailed via our contact form

We may contact you for further information.

We may recommend the detox programme instead of the targeted programme if your condition first requires such measures.

Once we have received your nail sample and all relevant information we require, we will let you know when the remote treatment begins and how your treatment plan has been structured. 

In the early stages of the treatment we will be seeking feedback from you in case you are unfortunate enough to be over-sensitive to frequency healing.   Frequency healing may initially produce certain types of fatigue as the body expels the pathogens associated with your condition, for this reason the treatment will begin with small doses that will be increased over time. 

The treatment can last up to one month.

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