Clear the air : Space Purification

£ 7.50 each Weight: 120 g


It is now widely recognised that the state of our immediate environment can have a direct effect upon our health and well being. We can walk into some places and feel uplifted whilst others leave us feeling down. Thoughts and emotions generated in a place can remain long after the events that produced them. Peaceful and safe atmospheres are created where people have experienced contentment, whilst unhappy atmospheres seem to hang around places where conflict, illness, fear and other negative emotions have occurred. Some can even become stuck, especially when habitual or ingrained patterns of behaviour have been involved. The etheric or non-physical clearing of toxic energies can improve the ambience of a room. Clear the Air has been especially formulated to cleanse these non-physical elements in all spaces.

Use Clear the Air

· In rooms with unhealthy or depressive atmospheres.

· For spring cleaning of the home.

· To help clear the unwanted clutter.

· In therapy rooms, before and after treatments.

· In the sick room.

· Within the office or working environment.

· As a personal spray, especially after long periods in front of computers, or on mobile phones.

Blue Hydrangea washes negative vibrations into the Earth. Crab Apple cleanses and purges. Mountain Pennyroyal acts as both a repellent and cleanser of negative thought forms. Garlic banishes emotions of fear and anger to bring about spacial vitality and wholeness. Oregano supports us in the desire to release and let go. Asphodel replaces the  dark energies  of deep-rooted fears with peace and compassion.White Yarrow has protective qualities, blocking any incoming negative energies. Holly is the transformer of negative into positive energies. White Rose creates a high and pure frequency space that is dedicated to healing. Lungwort encourages the circulation of fresh energies through the airways. Blackthorn protects the sacred space that has been created. Red Clover brings a sense of calmness and balance. Pink Hydrangea fills any voids with nurturing and loving energy drawn from the Earth thereby discouraging old patterns reforming in the space. The flower essences are complemented by the addition of two essential oils, Lavender and Juniper, chosen for their purifying, sanctifying and uplifting qualities.  

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