Karmic Astrological Reading

£ 70.00 each

by Simon France

Please email date, time (if known) and place of birth so that your horoscope can be calculated.

If time of birth is not known I will dowse for it.

When we expand our consciousness beyond the confines of one birth, one death, one life time, and consider may life times, many births and deaths, many reincarnations, we open ourselves to new visions, a new vocabulary, new analogies, new purposes and meanings to our life. And because we have opened ourselves to our immortal souls, we can see that this life time we are trapped in is merely one pearl on a necklace of a thousand or more.

An old tradition tells of an angelic visitation whilst we are in the womb. The angel places its thumb and two fingers between our upper lip and nose and squeezes tight to create the philtrum. This is done to show we have all been touched by angels and to make us forget where we have come from. We may have forgotten our past lives but our soul remembers because it has been shaped by every life it has lived. Our soul is the foundation of our being upon which the personality is built, and of course the foundations greatly influence the whole structure.

In this reading I focus on the karmic influences in the horoscope. There are many types of karma carried by the soul through from previous lives that inform and influence our present incarnation. The horoscope does not reveal specifically what you were in a particular incarnation, but I can show you what aspects of that life have been carried forward into the present and why. However, sometimes I can make educated guesses from the karmic influences in the horoscope as to what you were in a previous life. 

Different types of karma are shown in your horoscope including:

  • the karma of inheritance
  • deeply buried karma from ancient lives, only resurfacing in isolated reincarnations
  • karma that repeats itself over a whole series of incarnations until the soul has learnt its lessons. 
  • the type of karma your soul is wanting to transformation
  • past life skills and talents that can be utilised in the present incarnation
  • the karma of reversal where the soul will seek and explore the polar opposite of its previous incarnation
  • the type of karma your soul is wanting to transcendence
  • ancient egos that are still influencing our soul's spiritual evolution
  • the spiritual direction your soul is heading towards in future incarnations

Karma is a fascinating and thought-provoking subject and I hope to be able to convey to you at least some of this through the reading.

Where appropriate I will suggest some of the Moon Flowers you might like to use.

The reading will be written and sent to you via email along with a copy of your horoscope.

If you would prefer a hard copy, please let me know and the reading can be sent through the post instead.

The reading will be approximately 2,000 words in length.

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