Love in a Mist : Creating a Safe and Supportive Space

£ 7.50 each Weight: 120 g


There are times in our life when we realise that we have become out of touch with our emotional life, this can leave us feeling brittle and hollow inside. Confronting our pain may seem overwhelming so we close our heart down in the face of difficult and painful emotions. At a deep or meaningful level we find it as equally difficult to connect with others as with ourselves. We cut ourselves off from the very thing we require most - a heart informed by deeper truths and receptive to the love and support we need for healing.

· Love in the Mist softens and nurtures

· Helps us unravel pain and heartache.

· Gently starts the process of emotional release.

· Brings reassurance and courage

· Reconnects us to the source of unconditional love.

· Puts us back in touch with our true feelings.

Buddleia opens and relaxes mind/body to encourage spiritual creativity. Mallow loosens obsessions. Pink Poppy helps us change gear from adrenaline driven survival mode to the inner world of journeying and dream-weaving. Hawthorn puts us on the path to the heart and begins the process of releasing emotional stress. Pink Cherry soothes an aching heart. Pink Rose connects us to Universal Unconditional Love. Love in the Mist brings emotional clarity. Borage supports the heart and gives courage. Viburnam anchors heart energy in the body and gives a sense of being mothered and reassured. Orange Rose puts us in touch with our heart's desires, encourages warmth, sensuality and wholeness. Lineria brings close the loving support of family and friends. Pink Campion is for the acceptance and expression of the needs that maintain emotional health. Zinnia is the bringer humour. The essential oils of Neroli, Ylang Ylang and Rose have been added to warm the heart, gently calm the emotions and lift the spirit.


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