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This environmental essence was made at the autumn equinox 2018, under a gibbous moon.

This remedy has many uses, all of which stem from the healing it offers for a past life crisis in consciousness or mental breakdown.

This essence can be used by souls who in a previous life suffered from such debilitating conditions as mental illness, madness, delusion, possession and depression. Such souls may have had to endure a life of extreme and persistent negative states along with mental and emotional confusion that in some cases may have led to suicide. Such souls may well have been outcasts, living on the fringe of society.  

The suffering of these souls is caused by the dysfunction energies manifesting within their spiritual bodies and descending down through their auras into the mental, emotional and possibly deeper still into the physical. However, the suffering could have started on the physical and worked its way up to the mental level and beyond. For example the crisis in consciousness may have been caused by a life-changing illness, accident or event that led to a complete loss of hope and faith.

Those requiring Moon Equinox may well have been tortured souls in a past life, being consumed by anger, fear or some delusional belief that profoundly affected their life.   Such deeply obsessive mental states may have been contributing factors to poor health that manifests in the present life.

Dosage: 4 drops on the tongue, 4 times daily.Dosage: 4 drops on the tongue, 4 times daily.

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