No Panic: Flower and Seed Essence Combination to Calm us Down

£ 7.50 each Weight: 100 g


Aspen for anxiety and apprehension.

Garlic for fear.  

Rock Rose for intense nervousness.

Sweet Chestnut for intense agitation.

Carduus Thistle for low self-esteem.

Sedge for fear of tipping into the abyss.  

Morning Glory  for dizziness.

Oleander for depression.

Passion Flower  for a racing heart.  

Oregano for fear of loosing control.  

The Seed Essences in the combination are:

Pot Marigold, Red Clover and Rose (rosehip).   Seeds lie quiet and still.  The plant's frenzied activity of the year is now encapsulated in something dormant. These three seed essences have a calming and centering influence upon our being, putting more in touch with our true self.
How to work with these flower remedies

Take regularly, 4 drops, 4 times daily. They can also be taken more frequently if required. Flower remedies should be used as part of a management program for any panic attack. The regular taking of the remedies affirms the desire to improve, get better, take positive steps forward.

Since they can do no harm, the remedies can be used more frequently, for example when you first feel an attack coming on or when you enter or are about to enter into situations you know may well provoke such an attack. Holding the bottle at times of stress is an excellent way of staying close to the qualities of the flower remedies.

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