Once Can Do! (OCD): Flower and Seed Essence Combination

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OCD is characterised by uncontrollable, unwanted thoughts and repetitive, ritualised behaviours you feel compelled to perform. If you suffer in this way  you probably recognize that your obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours are irrational – but even so, you feel unable to resist them and break free

Below is a list of flower remedies that align with the symptoms of this condition.

Orange and Hibiscus - obsessive behaviour

Garlic - fear

Asphodel - spiritual fear, fear of evil

Cherry Plum - fear of harming another

Sweet Chestnut - inner torment

Crimson Pea - to comfort whilst facing the darkness, and to assist in the process of transformation that accompanies such states

Mustard - depression and loneliness

Crab Apple - when we feel unclean, tainted and unworthy

Persian Lilac - to help us realise that we are not perfect and can fall below our own expectations

Hyssop and Pine - guilt

Nasturtium - to help open the mind beyond and above narrow and blinked vision

Scabious - when the mind feels overwhelmed

White Chestnut - unwanted thoughts

The Seed Essence of Mallow is also included.  Seeds are quite and still in a state of dormancy.  All conditions that have a nervous or agitated state associated with them will respond to seed essences.
How to work with these flower remedies

Take regularly, 4 drops, 4 times daily. It is very important to have a fully thought out program to manage the symptoms of this condition and flower remedies can be used as part of such a management program. The regular taking of the remedies affirms the desire to improve, get better, take positive steps forward. For this condition it is important not take the stated dose more often, however, holding the bottle at times of stress is an excellent way of staying close to the qualities of the flower remedies.

Although some of the above mentioned symptoms with parallel flower remedies may not describe your condition, flower remedies can do no harm, so those remedies in the mix that are not appropriate to you will simply have no effect.
Once Can Do!

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