8 Flower Rescue Flower Essence Combination with added Seed Essences

£ 7.50 each Weight: 100 g


8 Flower Rescue
with added seed essences

Dr.  Bach’s  original  rescue recipe for  shock  and  trauma,   be   that   physical,   emotional,   mental  or spiritual, with the addition of three remedies from the Mediterranean to create a  higher vibratory emergency essence packed with sun.  

Dr. Bach's original five: Clematis (feeling out of the body) Star of Bethlehem (shock) Impatiens (agitation)  Rock Rose (panic)  Cherry Plum (desparation)
The three from Aquarius range: Hotentot Fig (when we feel on the edge) Moricandia (accepting the unexpected) and Euphorbia (the comforter).

The two seed essences are Pale Willowherb and Red Campion.  Seeds lie still and dormant.  Seed essences have a calming influence.

Dosage 4 drops, 4 times daily.

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