Pets Personal Combination

£ 15.96 each Weight: 150 g

Flower remedies have a therapeutic influence upon the soul and animals don't hide or distort their soul like us humans.  This is one reason why animals respond very well to flower remedies. We prescribe flower remedies for many pets, in particular dogs and horses, who are struggling in some way or other.

If you would like to use flower remedies to support your pet during emotional or mental agitations we will dowse through our complete repertory for the appropriate remedies.  We will then mix them together in a 30 ml bottle and send it to you with descriptions of the remedies we have chosen and their significance to your pet's well being.   Dosage instructions will also be enclosed.

Since your pet is accutely aware of our emotions we will also send a 10 ml bottle of Red Chestnut flower remedy, the classic remedy for over concern for the welfare of other souls. This is for you to take personally and anyone else whose emotional concerns your pet may be picking up on. Red Chestnut soothes the relationship between you and your pet.

Please tell us something about your pet's condition along with their name before we dowse by using the contact button on the website or by telephone if you prefer.  If you have any questions before ordering the flower remedies  please feel free to get in touch. 

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