Quince Flower Essence / Remedy

£ 8.95 each Weight: 100 g


Cydonia oblonga

Quince flower remedy is for those of us who do not feel complete and whole. These souls sense there is something missing in their lives which in extreme circumstances can leave them feeling bereft or lost. There may be an obvious reason why they are not feeling whole, such as a lack of vocation, partner or child. However, the reason for their sense of incompleteness may equally be much more obscure, ethereal or existential in nature.

No matter the source of this longing for completeness, known or unknown, quince flower remedy has the ability to heal the sense of incompleteness. This state of being will be present within the individual's aura and quince flower remedy is able to integrate the aspects of the aura where the divisions exist.

The sense of not being whole may be felt as being unclean or tainted in some form. If this is the case quince can be used alongside crab apple flower remedy.

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