Sage Flower Essence / Remedy Salvia officinalis

£ 6.50 each Weight: 50 g


The leaves of sage are ritually burnt for purification, the smoke fanned over the body and through the aura. Within the body the organs of purification – liver, pancreas and gallbladder –are also connected to the solar plexus chakra, so sage flower essence is beneficial for weakness in these organs as well as for any purification process. Use sage essence during any dietary changes to aid the cleansing that invariably follows. High or low temperatures may well respond to sage essence.

Sage means wisdom and the angel of this flower offers us this quality. Sage flower essence bestows the ability to draw wisdom from life experiences, to review and survey the processes of life from a higher perspective. Sage can be taken when we need to draw a spiritual dimension into our being. This essence also brings the quality of laughter.

Sage appears in our set Top 7, our most frequently used remedies.

Sage is used to stimulate the solar plexus chakra.  See Chakra Flower Essences for more details

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