£ 25.50 each Weight: 250 g

Bottle size

Set of 5 flower essences at the stock level of dilution to stimulate, cleanse, heal the auric levels of the light body.  In sturdy box with slide on lid.

Spiritual body Jerusalem sage

Mental body Nasturtium

Emotional body Borage

Etheric body Peach and Hawthorn

The Aura


The aura, also referred to as the subtle anatomy or light body, is the non-physical part of us that extends some two feet or so beyond our body, enveloping us in an invisible egg-shape subtle energy structure. It is rather like the atmosphere of the earth, becoming more rarified the further the distance from our body, yet it also penetrates into our physical form where the chakras, meridians and nadi are found. Flower remedies have a very strong influence upon the aura: this is where they impact initially when taken orally or just held. In fact if you were to give one of the Auric Flower Essences to someone and then place your hands at the appropriate distance from their body you would feel its effects on the palms of your hands

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